Installing and Using Homesite ActiveScripts
Step by Step on installing these scripts in HomeSite. Read on >


Remove Columns
Poor man's column-mode delete. Deletes character columns (specified as a range e.g 10-20) from a selection. Read on >

Convert Back & Forward Slashes
This is a pair of scripts to convert backslashes to forward slashes and vice-versa. Read on >

Comment and un-Comment Code
This package includes two scripts: CommentCode and unCommentCode prepend/strip line-by-line comment characters (respectively) within a selection. Read on >

Nifty and suprisingly powerful tool for replicating some text a number of times. This in incredibly useful for example when beginning to mark up a dhtml page, where you need lots of DIV tags, IDs, classes, etc.. that differ only slightly, and to a pattern... Huge time and tedium saver. Read on >

Simple tool for creating filler / garbage / greek text. Read on >

Simple tool for creating a creating a javascript document.write() statement out of a document/selection. Read on >

Total Img Widths
Total Img Widths displays and totals the widths of all IMGs in a selection (or on the page if no selection). Read on >

Escape HTMLString
Another simple tool that converts a few key characters to their escaped entity equivalents - for displaying HTML code on a page. Read on >