Author: sam AT
last modified: 10/07/1999

This is a simple tool I wrote a while back that improves on the built in document.write tool by returning a single document.write() statement, rather than one for each line. It's not that smart, but it makes variable insertion a little easier, and can easily be edited for creating a string variable insteading of writing output. (e.g str +="").
It escapes " characters (only)..

Sample output follows:

document.write( "<html>" +
"<head>" +
" <title>Some Title</title>" +
"</head>" +
"" +
"<body bgcolor=\"#ffffff\" text=\"#000000\" link=\"#ff0000\" vlink=\"#ff0066\" alink=\"#ff0000\">" +
"" +
"</body>" +
"</html>" +