A rooster named Hen

While out working in the garage this weekend I heard a strange muted noise that sounded almost like a cock-crow. Sure enough as I approached the chicken coop “Henrietta” stretched out her neck and crowed at me.

Kelley and I had discussed this possibility a week before - and I’d maintained that her much more developed comb and waddle was just a variation in the breed. A week makes a big difference, and she/he now had the long legs, drooping tail - and apparently something to crow about. Very sneaky - she’s not exhibited any rooster-like herding or beady-eye-meeting at all up until now (at about 4months old).

This leaves us in a bit of a quandry: we live in a regular suburban neighborhood where the quaint rural sound of a cock crowing from 3:30am onwards might not be appreciated (which was why we stumped up the extra for sexed pullets.) Not to mention we now have 5 potential layers instead of the 6 we’d planned on.

We’ll see how that crow develops. If he behaves we might even call him Henry.