Settled in Leeds

After my little blogging hiatus, there’s too much news to catch up on. But the biggest is that we all moved to Leeds, England and are settling into a new (to us) house in Meanwood (if you happen to know the area).

The kids are in school, Kelley is well, I’m still with Sitepen doing much of the same old.

Moving house

We are half-way through the mess of moving house - from Payne Ave, Austin, to just 5 miles north of there nr. N. Lamar @ Braker. So, some things are going to take a little while to settle back down while we reconnect services, unpack things from boxes, and deal with the 1001 tasks involved in putting our old house on the market. Apologies in advance!

Au revoir Henry

We said goodbye to Henry yesterday. He had started to anticipate the dawn and his crow was only getting louder. The day it woke both myself and Kelley up we knew we had to find him another home - nevermind the neighbors - pregnant women need sleep.

He should be settling into a new life on a farm by now, thanks to a generous offer from a Travis master gardener.

A rooster named Hen

While out working in the garage this weekend I heard a strange muted noise that sounded almost like a cock-crow. Sure enough as I approached the chicken coop “Henrietta” stretched out her neck and crowed at me.

Kelley and I had discussed this possibility a week before - and I’d maintained that her much more developed comb and waddle was just a variation in the breed. A week makes a big difference, and she/he now had the long legs, drooping tail - and apparently something to crow about. Very sneaky - she’s not exhibited any rooster-like herding or beady-eye-meeting at all up until now (at about 4months old).

This leaves us in a bit of a quandry: we live in a regular suburban neighborhood where the quaint rural sound of a cock crowing from 3:30am onwards might not be appreciated (which was why we stumped up the extra for sexed pullets.) Not to mention we now have 5 potential layers instead of the 6 we’d planned on.

We’ll see how that crow develops. If he behaves we might even call him Henry.

Grown up chickens

Grown up chickens

The young chicks made the move into the large pen with the other 3 older hens a week or 2 ago. Ever since we’ve been going in there at night and perching them on the branch with the other girls (they huddle in a corner otherwise - not safe and very damp in the recent weather.) Tonight when I went out there, the two black australorps (Henrietta and Dorothy) were perched all by themselves. Buffy (the buff orpington ) had gotten as far as the nesting box before giving up.

It was a sweet scene - they’re almost there. I better hurry on the new nesting boxes, they should be laying by the fall and might start any week now.

Kelley Update

Kelley Update

No baby yet. Tues Dec 5th was the official due date. We move into extra time.

Kelley Update

Kelley Update

Last week the doctor said all was well, and we’d got through the worst. Aidan is now big enough that labor doesn’t pose such a serious risk. Also the contractions have had no effect (her cervix is still fine), and they’ve been getting less frequent, so she can get out of bed, and start to move around a bit.

This improves our lives enormously!

Not Yet

Not Yet

Kelley started having contractions last week, in the middle of the night. She’s only 6 months in, and this is the second time it happened.It calmed down in hospital and she is now officially on bed rest until further notice. Bed rest means she is required to be lying down doing as little as possible, as much as is possible. So spare a thought for her.

She’s reading, we’ve ordered cable, and she might get to some origami and other crafty kind of stuff that are feasible from bed. If you have ideas, drop me a line: