Commented Backslash MacIE5 CSS Hack - v2

The are 2 divs below. One says "This is not MacIE5", and should be visible for all css-supporting browsers except MacIE5.
The other says "This is MacIE5" and should only be visible in Mac IE5

This is not MacIE5
This is MacIE5 ?

The CSS that does it:

#isnotMacIE5 { display: none;  }
#isMacIE5 { display: block; background-color: #060; color: #fff; }

/* commented backslash hack v2 \*/
#isnotMacIE5 { display: block; background-color: #060; color: #fff; }
#isMacIE5 { display: none; }
/* end hack */


v2 of the commented backslash hack was suggested by James Craig.
Originally I'd discovered that if you inserted a comment containing a backslash between rules in your stylesheet, MacIE5 would ignore the next (single) rule .. (provided the selector contained a . or #). James pointed out that if you move the \ and effectively escape the end-comment marker (removing all characters and space btw the \ and the */), you can comment out a whole block of rules for MacIE5 - which is mighty handy.

Here's an example of the single-rule commented backslash hack in action:

This paragraph should be highlighted green in IE5/Mac, red otherwise

Browser Support for Commented Backslash hack v2

Browser/OS Confirmed to work as described?
Win32 IE7 Yes
Win32 IE6 Yes
Win32 IE5.5 Yes
Win32 NN4.7 Yes
Win32 NN6.2 Yes
Win32 Opera 6 Yes
Win32 Mozilla 1, Firefox 1.5, 2.0 Yes
Mac(OS9/Classic) IE5.0 Yes
Mac(OS9/Classic) IE5.1 Yes
Mac(OSX) IE5.2 Yes
Mac(OSX.1) Mozilla 1.0 Yes

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